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Safe Stabilization

May 14, 2015

Exercise guidelines call for people with osteoporosis to avoid flexing or twisting the spine (National Osteoporosis Foundation 2015). This makes training the core a little more challenging. Planks (side and prone) and bridges are both great options, but they can get boring. The exercises below safely target the core without spinal flexion or twisting.

Ball Warding

Stand sideways to wall, hands centered on stability ball. Arms are straight, at shoulder level. Press hands into ball, and tap each foot back (alternate).

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Two Common Issues in Client Retention

March 2, 2015

Be aware of these key issues that can impact your relationships with your personal training clientele: how to communicate a fee increase, and how friendly to be with clients outside of sessions.

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Intense Exercise May Preserve Cancer Cells

April 15, 2011

Intense exercise can help cancer cells survive treatment and lead to disease recurrence. This staggering statement is the result of a research study published in Molecular Cancer Research (2010; 8 [10], 1399–412). Stress, including the physical stress of intense exercise, seems to activate a protein that enhances the ability of cancer cells to survive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. This protein, called heat shock factor-1, is induced by stress.

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The Lighter Side of Fitness

June 30, 2005

The sun was shining as the Alaska cruise ship sailed past a calving glacier. The scenery was spectacular, with views of seals, seagulls, all kinds of wildlife and incredible crashing ice. Nick Nilsson, ACE-certified personal trainer from Grayslake, Illinois, and author of The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of, was working as a personal trainer on the ship. On this particula…

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