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Jacqueline Stenson

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Forging friendships at the gym

December 7, 2007

Denis Barry, a former champion bodybuilder, is a man on a mission: to get his fitness clients in the best shape of their lives. Through a high-intensity training program called Power Hit at Edge gym in New York City, he sends clients new workouts every week via e-mail, cracks the whip during workouts and administers weekly and monthly tests — a series of timed drills including dead lifts and be…

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Choosing a Personal Trainer

July 19, 2007

HOPING to shape up and willing to shell out big bucks for a personal trainer to crack the whip? Make sure you know what you’re paying for.

Spending a lot of money on a high-priced trainer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the most experienced or best-educated person for the job. It may only mean you’re getting the one who’s bringing the gym the most business or who’s got the…

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You’re not going to the gym, are you?

June 1, 2007

There's no shortage of obstacles preventing us from working out: hellish commutes, long hours at the office, junior's soccer practice, grocery shopping, happy hour, the overwhelming desire to scrub the bathroom floor – any excuse will usually do.But even when we're ready to hit the gym, sometimes family and friends can sabotage our fitness plans.Melissa Schorr freely admits s…

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Go ‘Gyro’ to sculpt, stretch and strengthen

May 7, 2007

Years of living with Cushing's syndrome, a hormonal disorder, had caused Kari Hyer's muscles and bones to weaken. After undergoing surgery to treat the condition, she needed to rebuild her strength but weight machines "felt horrible," says Hyer, who lives in Gwynedd Valley, Pa., outside of Philadelphia.So she began doing yoga and Pilates, both of which helped. But she credits …

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Gyms go after a younger crowd

May 7, 2007

Blake Bowers used to belong to a big health club chain, but he quit recently because he felt he just didn't fit in.For one thing, the adults were always hogging the equipment. But more troublesome were the locker rooms – which were totally gross."You go in and there are all these naked guys walking around!" says Bowers, 13, of Mountain View, Calif.So Bowers, who plays…

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Too embarrassed to exercise

May 6, 2007

Tripping and falling off the treadmill at the gym has made Debbie Holman self-conscious about working out in public. She's afraid she'll humiliate herself again by flubbing up on the equipment. But her greatest worry is what other gym-goers might …

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