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Ingrid Knight-Cohee, MS

After a career in competitive Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics and representing the US as a National Team member, I decided that a career in fitness and health was my true calling. I went on to earn degrees in Human Kinetics and Exercise & Health Psychology (MSc.). I also completed certifications in Group Fitness (BCRPA) & Personal Training (ACE). This evolved into a 20-year career in fitness facility management, corporate fitness, presenting, writing and certification course leadership. Educating and motivating both members and staff on how to become their physical, mental and spiritual best on personal and professional levels continues to be my life's passion. I'm also the proud mother of two boys - the real reason I keep fit!

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Article Archive

New Versus Tried-and-True

September 1, 2015

Group fitness programmers face the same dilemma every new season: how to balance tried-and-true popular class formats with burgeoning trends to keep things fresh and dynamic. One goal is to retain current members as satisfied, repeat customers; the other goal is to attract new participants and build excitement. Both objectives are relevant to generating and sustaining business, and both demand equal attention. But other factors also come into play, such as available instructor talent; training/certification requirements; and potential investment in new equipment and license fees.

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