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Christian J. Thompson, PhD

Christian J. Thompson, PhD, is an exercise physiologist and chair of the department of exercise and sport science at the University of San Francisco. He has published numerous scientific publications on exercise programming for older adults in peer-reviewed journals. Read his blog at www.thefitnessprofessor.wordpress.com

Article Archive

Suspension Exercise for Older Adults

April 24, 2013

Suspension exercise (SE) is a popular way to get fit for many people, and it’s no secret as to why. This method of exercise, where an apparatus attached to a single overhead anchor point supports the hands or feet, offers numerous benefits. Due to its popularity and the results people see from performing SE, programming has evolved to a point where fitness professionals are introducing it to their older-adult clients in the 65–80 and older age range.

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The Big Three Can’t-Miss Exercises for Seniors

February 16, 2010

Before you teach your older-adult classes a core routine, remember that in order to maintain stability and support, the core is activated milliseconds before any movement occurs in the body, so don’t limit your thinking of core exercises to the abdominals or lower back. Even small movements in the periphery of the body are sufficient to recruit and condition the core musculature. Also, recognize that a lean and sculpted core is generally not a requirement for older adults’ quality of life.

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