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Carol Kennedy-Armbruster

Article Archive

How to Design an Effective Membership Survey

October 31, 2001


How to Design an Effective Membership Survey
Most people are familiar with surveys and have answered some type of questionnaire, whether it was about a product, a political issue or even customer service. Almost always, the purpose of a survey is to discover what people think, feel or plan on doing about a particular topic or issue. As an example, to better understand what is important to…

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Dealing With Fellow Instructors’ Eating or Exercise Disorders, Problem Solver

January 31, 2001

I suspect that one of my colleagues has an eating disorder and another suffers from exercise addiction. While I’m inclined to mind my own business, participants are starting to talk. Some of them are worried and asking me whether these instructors have a problem. Others comment on how great these instructors look and are asking me their “secret to success.” What do I do, if anything?

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