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Aaron Bubbico

Aaron Bubbico is working on his master’s degree in exercise science at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (UNM). He is the owner and operator of Quality Fitness Training. His research interests include eccentric load training, hypertrophic adaptations and mechanisms, and periodization.

Article Archive

Muscle Hypertrophy

October 18, 2011

Muscle hypertrophy, or muscle cell enlargement, is a topic of great debate and interest in all fields of health, fitness and sports. How the body responds to muscular overload to elicit muscle growth is still under much scientific investigation.

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Eccentric Exercise

September 29, 2010

During many movements, an eccentric muscle action occurs as a braking, or opposition, force in response to a concentric (shortening) action, in order to protect joint structures from damage. In an eccentric action, the muscle elongates under the tension caused when an opposing force (such as a weight) is greater than the force generated by the muscle.

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