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Health & Fitness Articles

Personal training client Gabi

The Mom Code

Multicertified trainer Andrea Hammer became a support for teenager Gabi to help her learn new fitness skills and reach her health goals.

Animal products and greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse Emissions From Animal-Based Products

Greenhouse emissions would drop 35% if Americans replaced half of the animal-based products in their diet with plant-based foods, according to researchers.

Fructose and glucose linked to heart disease

Fructose and Glucose Health Hazards

Consuming the high-fructose corn syrup appears to be linked to heart disease risk, mainly because it contains both fructose and glucose.

Salivary glands

Breaking Down Salivary Glands

It’s well-known that salivary glands are key components of the digestive system, allowing us to consume nutrients, but there’s more to these oral organs!

March 2021 Member Spotlight

IDEA Member Spotlight: March 2021

Meet three IDEA members and personal trainers who truly shine: Shelley Russell, Lindsay Maurer and Desi Bartlett, MS.


Meet a Team Member: Sarah Kolvas

Get to know IDEA’s associate editor, Sarah Kolvas.

Sleep and injury risk for athletes

Get Your Sleep Before a Big Game

College athletes who skimp on sleep may be increasing their risk for injury, according to a small study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers.

Video game eating habits

Video Games and Poor Eating Habits

The explosive growth of the video game industry may be leading to less-than-stellar eating habits in young men.

Neuromuscular system and aging

Effects of Aging on the Neuromuscular System

Neuromuscular system changes in the aging population often include muscle weakness, reduced joint proprioception and decreased power.

Carbs effect on fecundability

Carbs and Fecundability

Women in North America and Denmark who wanted to become pregnant and consumed higher amounts of lower-quality carbohydrates experienced lower fecundability.

Omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease

Mega Heart-Healthy Fat

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America, but omega-3 fatty acids can help, according to a review on cardiovascular disease prevention.

Gen Z and millennial values

Gen Z Values Sustainability

When marketing to young adults, consider brand values. Gen Z and millennials care about sustainability and social impact, according to a survey.

Physical education for kids

Fitness Helps Kids Who Need It Most

New evidence supports the value of physical education programs for kids, not only for physical health, but also for cognitive health.

Citrus and vitamin C for muscle growth

Vote Citrus for More Muscle

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that adults with the highest levels of vitamin C had more skeletal muscle growth.

Fitness apps

Fitness App Research Likely To Increase

We all have our favorite fitness apps, and researchers predict future app studies will include more focus on consumer motivation, engagement and behavior.

Exercise and appetite

Appetite For Exercise, Not Food

Scientists determined that lactate—a byproduct of intense exercise—suppressed levels of ghrelin and bumped up levels of other hormones that reduce appetite.

CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety in fitness facilities

CDC Reports Show COVID-19 Protocols Effective for Fitness Facilities

CDC reports show efficacy of safety practices in the fitness industry and provide recommendations to ensure COVID-19 safety in fitness facilities.