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Health & Fitness Articles

Gait training for runner's knee

Gait Retraining May Reduce Risk of “Runner’s Knee”

New insight on whether “runner’s knee” may be preventable can help you support clients who are struggling with this condition.

Family meal planning

Family Meal Planning

Try some of these family meal planning strategies and healthy recipes, which you can customize for your family’s lifestyle.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is enjoying new popularity among people trying to lose weight, and studies show promising benefits for the body and brain.

Working moms and physical activity

Working Moms Get Less Exercise

American working moms are at risk for low levels of physical activity, according to another study by Baylor University researchers.

Physical activity for moms

Physically Active Working Moms Cope Better

Data showed an association between moderate-intensity physical activity and higher levels of life satisfaction during the pandemic for working moms.

Motivational messaging for physical activity

WHO’s New Message on Physical Activity

Do your motivational messages incorporate the latest evidence-based practices on how to support behavioral change in your more sedentary clients?

Healthcare dietary assessment

A Food Plan? Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Routine healthcare visits need to include some form of a rapid dietary assessment tool, according to the American Heart Association.

Women's running pace

Women Pace Better Than Men

Women pace themselves better than men when running marathons, according to an analysis of 10 years of marathon results on

Wearable tech

New Era of Wearable Technologies

Innovations in soft and wearable electronics will soon make personal fitness monitoring possible in all types of conditions.

Cooking rice with arsenic

Arsenic in Rice

Rice is a staple for millions of people, but the grainy dark side is that it often contains arsenic, a carcinogen that contributes to health problems.

Married couples and heart disease

Married Couples Share Risk Factors

Small-group personal training may benefit married couples, as nearly 80% of them share heart disease risk factors and behaviors.

Dieting trends for weight loss

America’s Growing Appetite for Diets

A report shows that the number of U.S. adults on a special diet for weight loss 2015–2018 was up 14% from a decade earlier.

Mental wellness industry

The $121 Billion Mental Wellness Economy

Mental wellness is emerging as a new industry based on consumer spending in four major markets, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Polyphenols antioxidants

Plant-Based Antioxidants We Need

Polyphenols are a class of plant-based antioxidants found in coffee, but we may want to get more from vibrant fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol Consumption During the Pandemic

According to survey data, alcohol use increased by about 14% in the United States during the first few months of the pandemic.

HIIT and sleep

HIIT Back on Sleep Loss Effects

High-intensity interval training prevents impairments in glucose tolerance, among other negative effects, from a short period of sleep restriction.