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Health & Fitness Articles

Protein for endurance

30 Grams of Protein

Researchers found that consuming 30 grams of protein is sufficient for fit men to maximize recovery and muscle growth after vigorous endurance exercise.

Shoulder warmup

Prep the Shoulders Before Play

As fitness instructors, we can help prevent injuries in our participants by giving the shoulders plenty of attention during the warmup.

Government law for financial aid for fitness business

Bipartisan Efforts to Support Health and Fitness Facilities

The Health & Fitness Recovery Act of 2020 reflects efforts to provide financial relief to health and fitness businesses hurt by the pandemic.

Eccentric training

Eccentric Training Lacks Uniform Strategies

Chances are you’re using eccentric training to improve muscular strength and power, and build lean mass. But are you measuring its effectiveness?

January 2021 Member Spotlight

IDEA Member Spotlight: January 2021

Meet three IDEA members who truly shine: Heather Binns, Ling Romulo and Sandy Ellis.

Black women's health

Black Women Less Likely to Meet Activity Guidelines

Findings from the Black Women’s Health Study show that African American women have a life expectancy 2.7 years shorter than Caucasian American women.

HIIT and longevity for older adults

Vigorous Exercise Benefits Older Adults

High-intensity interval training improves fitness and well-being among older adults over age 70 and may even increase longevity

Consuming calories at night

The Dark Side of Night Eating

Those who consume a lower percentage of their daily calories after sunset consume fewer calories overall as compared to those who ate more at night.

Outdoor training

Safety Tips for Outdoor Group Exercise

The following tips from the San Francisco Department of Public Health will help fitness professionals take training outside to promote health and safety.

Flavonoids and Alzheimer's

Your Brain on Plant Chemicals

Based on data collected from 2,800 older adults, those with higher intakes of flavonoids were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Chris Dotson

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Chris Dotson

If ever you need a helping hand or supportive friend, look no further than our dependable, hard-working inspired service specialist Chris Dotson.

Seafood and microplastics

Fishing for Plastic?

A team of researchers in Australia tested seafood purchased from a market in Australia and found every sample contained traces of microplastics.

Personal trainer Tim Minnick and client Rocky E

Aging Into Fitness

Rocky E. had never set foot inside a gym, but at age 60, he was ready to try something new and reached out to personal trainer Tim Minnick.