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Health & Fitness Articles

Cooking rice with arsenic

Arsenic in Rice

Rice is a staple for millions of people, but the grainy dark side is that it often contains arsenic, a carcinogen that contributes to health problems.

Married couples and heart disease

Married Couples Share Risk Factors

Small-group personal training may benefit married couples, as nearly 80% of them share heart disease risk factors and behaviors.

Mental wellness industry

The $121 Billion Mental Wellness Economy

Mental wellness is emerging as a new industry based on consumer spending in four major markets, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Dieting trends for weight loss

America’s Growing Appetite for Diets

A report shows that the number of U.S. adults on a special diet for weight loss 2015–2018 was up 14% from a decade earlier.

Polyphenols antioxidants

Plant-Based Antioxidants We Need

Polyphenols are a class of plant-based antioxidants found in coffee, but we may want to get more from vibrant fruits and vegetables.

HIIT and sleep

HIIT Back on Sleep Loss Effects

High-intensity interval training prevents impairments in glucose tolerance, among other negative effects, from a short period of sleep restriction.

Alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol Consumption During the Pandemic

According to survey data, alcohol use increased by about 14% in the United States during the first few months of the pandemic.

Food marketing videos

Modern Food Marketing Needs Old-Fashioned Nutrition Help

Food companies are increasingly choosing online advertising and social media for food marketing, including YouTube videos.

At home training

February 2021 Question of the Month: At-Home Training Services

Are you offering personal training services to go to people’s homes to conduct trainings for couples, kids or families during the pandemic?

Youth fitness

Resistance Training for Adolescents and Preadolescents

Resistance training improves BMI among youth and may improve blood pressure, according to a review study by Spanish and American researchers.

Resistant starch

Words of the Day: Resistant Starch

An investigation in The Journal of Nutrition found that most Americans consume less than half the recommended amount of resistant starch.

Older adult brain fitness

Older Adults and Brain Fitness

Numerous studies demonstrate that cardiovascular exercise boosts brain fitness and HIIT improves executive function the most.

Sesame food allergen

The Big 8 Food Allergens May Become 9

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that manufacturers should voluntarily declare sesame an allergen ingredient on food labels.

Yogurt With Coffee-Plum Sauce

Recipe for Health: Yogurt With Coffee-Plum Sauce

Including shelf-stable dried fruit, such as the dried plums used in the coffee sauce to perk up this yogurt recipe—can help fill some nutritional gaps.

Outdoor exercise and green spaces

Green Exercise and Urban Settings

A study showed that outdoor exercise can bring about physiological and psychological relaxation in urban environments as well as forest settings.

Sleep and vigorous exercise

Sleep Loss? Vigorous Exercise May Reduce Cravings

Vigorous exercise may lessen food cravings and counteract mood impairments resulting from multiple nights of short or fragmented sleep.

Multivitamins and placebo effect

A Feel-Good Pill to Swallow

It’s possible that the benefits of multivitamins can be chalked up to the placebo effect, according to a study in BMJ Open.

Mindfulness meditation and yoga

Growth in Mind-Body Therapies During the Pandemic

Mindfulness meditation and yoga classes have seen explosive growth since the onset of the pandemic, according to a report from USC.

Exercise and longevity and hear disease

Move More for Longer Life and Less Heart Disease

Increasing physical activity is one of the most important ways to increase longevity and reduce the risk of heart disease, according to researchers.