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Health & Fitness Articles

Person taking photo of food to illustrate food aesthetics

Food Aesthetics Influence Eating Choices

Food aesthetics affect nutrition perceptions, since people tend to believe that pretty-looking food is healthier and more natural.

Young girl exercising in a bounce house

Childhood Exercise and Brain Development

Here’s another research-backed link between exercise and brain development for parents who don’t yet prioritize their children’s playtime.

Blood cells showing anemia and iron deficiency

Iron Deficiency in America

Rising rates of iron-deficiency anemia in both women and men suggests iron deficiency is a major public health issue in America.

Older man exercising for health and lower healthcare costs

Fitness Now, Lower Healthcare Costs Later

When promoting the value of regular exercise, consider sharing the bank account benefits from lower healthcare costs in the golden years.

Jars of fermented food for gut microbiome health

Food Choices for Gut Microbiome Health

Research shows that including a few not-so-fresh foods in our diet can have a positive impact on our gut microbiome.

Rye Salmon Bowl With Beet Sauce

Recipe for Health: Rye Salmon Bowl With Beet Sauce

Whole grains help maintain healthier body composition and better health, making this power salmon bowl full of good nutrition.

Man listening to music for running performance

Music for Running Performance

On days when mental energy is low, the benefits of music for running can help by lifting performance back to normal levels.

Older woman practicing best exercises for menopause

The Best Exercises for Menopause and Postmenopause

What are the best exercises for menopause? A combo of aerobic and strength training seem to be the most effective exercise program.

Graphic of rain dissolving to illustrate risks of steroids

New Risks of Steroids

Researchers revealed more risks of steroids, finding that using anabolic androgenic steroid over time accelerates brain aging.

Athlete preparing breakfast

Is Breakfast Important for Athletes?

Is breakfast important for athletic performance? Even if you plan on exercising later, it can be important not to skimp on a morning meal.

Woman tired from low energy to show sugar danger

More Sugar Danger

Researchers published findings on more sugar danger: surplus sugar may cause our mitochondria to become less efficient, reducing our energy.

Sugar cubes in a plastic cup to represent excessive sugar in soda

The Shocking Amount of Sugar in Soda

A report shows that the sugar in soda sold at the 20 top-earning restaurant chains in the U.S exceeds the suggested daily limit of 50 grams.

Two women walking to get their daily steps in

How Many Steps a Day? 4,500!

How many steps a day does it take to stay healthy? This study found that 4,500 steps per day produced healthy results for longevity.

Person using self-care massage and self-massage tools for recovery

Using Self-Massage Tools at Home

Have you tried self-massage tools? Here, Paul Kleiman, president of MassageU and U-Selfcare.com, explains various kinds of tools.

People boxing food to prevent food insecurity

Food Insecurity Is Growing Globally

The economic catastrophe set off by COVID-19 is pushing more people toward food insecurity, both here and abroad.

Older adults practicing tai chi for weight loss

Tai Chi for Weight Loss

There may be benefits of tai chi for weight loss. Researchers investigated whether tai chi effectively reduces belly fat in older adults.

Older woman with hearing loss

Hearing Loss and Physical Function

Research finds that people with hearing loss have significantly poorer physical function over time compared with those with good hearing.

Taking Small Steps

Moving More Every Day

As you help your clients understand the benefits of moving more, it’s important to remind them that all movement doesn’t need to be done in the gym.

functional fitness for active agers

Functional Fitness For Active Boomers

Be among the first to learn 3 targeted functional fitness fundamentals for crafting training sessions your over-50 clients will love.