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Health & Fitness Articles

Wearable tracker measures metabolite levels

New Wearables Can Measure Body Chemistry

A new wearable tracker can measure—in almost real time—multiple metabolic markers and metabolite levels, formerly measurable only in a lab.

Cajun Mushroom Beef Tacos

Recipe for Health: Cajun Beef Mushroom Tacos

Consuming mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light can provide a daily hit of vitamin D, so time to welcome fungi with these Cajun beef mushroom tacos!

Exercise and immune system function

Does Exercise Suppress the Immune System?

Have you heard the claims that strenuous exercise can suppress the immune system and increase infection risk?

Plyometric jump training for volleyball players

Plyometric Jump Training and Volleyball

In volleyball training programs, low-volume plyometric protocols can be as effective as high-volume methods and have less injury risk.

Meal delivery nutrition

Meal Delivery Nutrition

Meal delivery services help busy people put a meal on the table. But how do they align with healthy-eating goals? Is meal delivery nutrition up to par?

Caffeine and pregnancy outcomes

Caffeine and Pregnancy Outcomes

Research analysis finds associations between caffeine and pregnancy outcomes like miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and preterm birth.

Evolutionary history and modern diets

Evolutionary History Informs Eating

Our bodies evolved to digest foods our ancestors ate, so what contributes to poor health is the mismatch between our evolutionary history and what we eat.

Nutrition and oral health

Nutrition and Oral Health

Researchers found that those who ate the most salads, fruits and veggies improved their nutrition and oral health by lowering rates of periodontitis.

Fitness Careers at IDEA World

Fitness Careers: United We Thrive

Fitness professionals will come together to exchange best practices and discoveries in their fitness careers at 2021 IDEA World Virtual, July 9–11.

Hormone effects on female weight lifting and strength training

Optimizing Women’s Strength Training

A new research review sheds light on how monthly hormonal changes influence the risk of muscle damage during female weight lifting.

Benefits of burst training

Benefits of Exercise “Bursts”

Motivate clients who prefer short workouts with good news about the health benefits of training harder through burst training.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

April 2021 Question of the Month: Are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Tough Enough?

Are you satisfied with the 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Do you believe this edition missed the mark on alcohol and added sugars?

Fried food and heart disease risk

Fried Food Increases Heart Disease Risk

A review found that people who ate the highest amount of fried food per week had higher risks of heart disease, such a heart attack or stroke.

Recommended Vegetable Intake for Teens

Recommended Vegetable Intake for Teens

According to an analysis by the CDC, only 2% of high school students in the U.S. are meeting the recommended vegetable intake.

Eating habits affected by the pandemic

Pandemic Eating Habits

The seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Americans’ eating habits—and people who step on the scale may see some startling numbers.

urine color hydration levels

Urine Color Does Reveal Hydration

Urine color is a reliable way to determine hydration status, as lighter urine signifies a lower level of urine osmolality.

Tailgating health effects

Tailgating Effects on Health

Tailgating has become a socially acceptable excuse to wash down piles of greasy food and alcohol, but what toll does it have on the body?

Exercise and mental health

Exercise and Mental Health

A deeper look at the relationship between exercise and mental health to understand factors like frequency, duration and intensity of exercise.

Open communication prevents athlete injuries

Open Communication for Athlete Injuries

Trainers may want to prioritize cultivating a nonjudgmental atmosphere of open communication to ensure honest conversations about pain and injury.

Exercises for lower-back pain

Exercise and Chronic Lower-Back Pain

Research supports the efficacy of exercise in alleviating chronic lower-back pain. The mechanisms, however, have remained unclear.