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Health & Fitness Articles

Exercise session with trainer.

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

There are many factors that motivate people to start exercising. And there are just as many reasons that they stop! Overcoming the barriers that clients face is a critical part of training success.  Here are some strategies to help:

Colorful figures holding hands to represent inclusivity

Creating Inclusivity in Fitness Spaces

When fit pro fail to acknowledge racism, homophobia and other systems of oppression, we fail in creating inclusivity in fitness spaces.

Fitness tracking app for smart fitness clothes

Are You Ready For Smart Workout Clothes?

A research breakthrough increases the likelihood that sensors in smart workout clothes will soon provide valuable performance data.

Low-impact cardio during pregnancy

Low-Impact Cardio Helps Expectant Moms

New findings show that doing low-impact cardio at least three times per week in the second trimester of pregnancy can help sleep.

Mental health habits

Three Pillars of Mental Health

Recent research findings identify these three healthy behaviors as predictive of good mental health and well-being among young adults.

Standing core exercise: dumbbell cross body chop

Standing Core Exercise

Standing core exercise is a great way to target, well, almost everything! These fast, effective options are creative and fun.

Spoonful of oats

Does Oatmeal Raise Blood Sugar?

Millions of Americans spoon up oatmeal for breakfast. It seems oatmeal does raise blood sugar but the effects depend on the type of oat.

Vibration training for stroke survivors

Vibration Training Improves Strength in Stroke Survivors

Fitness professionals who incorporate vibration training into their programs may have value for those coping with stroke.

Man studying fruit outside

Is Nutrition Research Too Cozy With the Industry?

Do you still have confidence in nutrition research and believe it can steer us toward the optimal way to eat?

Protein powder from pig's blood

Pig’s Blood for Protein?

Food scientists have devised a way to produce a flavorless protein powder from pig’s blood, a byproduct of pork meat production.

Personal training client Leta during her corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise Success Story

Retired teacher and baseball fan Leta found corrective exercise and functional aging specialist Damien Joyner to help her with her fitness.

Woman practicing breathwork

May 2021 Question of the Month: Breathwork Practices

As a fitness professional, are you offering any breathwork practices? If yes, are you a yoga professional, or offering from other modalities?

IDEA members and personal trainers who truly shine: Shannon Briggs, Jane Nash and Siri Chilazi.

IDEA Member Spotlight: May-June 2021

Meet three IDEA members and personal trainers who truly shine: Shannon Briggs, Jane Nash and Siri Chilazi.

Exercise class practicing breathwork

Breathwork Gaining Popularity

Breathing programs are entering the mainstream, as breathwork was named one of the top seven trends to influence wellness in 2021 and beyond.

Eating scene on a movie set

Food in Media is Low Quality

The film industry didn’t get the memo about the importance of promoting healthy eating habits and food in media.

Fitness levels and COVID-19

Fitness Levels Predict Less-Severe COVID-19

Higher cardiorespiratory fitness levels correlate to a lower risk of hospitalization for those who get COVID-19, according to a study.

Woman on top of folding ladder looking at a huge wall.

Addressing Exercise Barriers

To assist clients in adhering to exercise routines, fitness pros need to have a system to help clients overcome exercise barriers.

Person with psoriasis

The Psoriasis-Fitness Connection

Young men with the lowest fitness levels had a 35% higher risk of developing psoriasis than those with the highest fitness levels.

Fitness Careers at IDEA World

Innovate Your Fitness Career

IDEA World Virtual will feature more than 100 workshops, lectures and workouts led by industry experts to help your fitness career thrive.

Carrot graphic communicating with megaphone

Beta-Carotene for Vitamin A

Beta-carotene is found in certain fruits and vegetables and our bodies can convert the beta-carotene we consume into vitamin A.