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Health & Fitness Articles

Brain fitness

Understanding Why Exercise Improves Memory

Consistent cardiovascular exercise may one day be a key recommendation for maintaining mental fitness.

Calorie consumption

Good News for Pizza Night

An investigation that asked its participants to gorge on pizza found that, metabolically, humans may be able to cope with calorie gluttony at a single meal.


Doing Good: A Positivity Multiplier

Add volunteering to the list of lifestyle activities that can promote health and well-being, according to a recent large-scale longitudinal study.

Pork chop

Pork Delivers Balanced Nutrition

In an age where food fads create confusion and uncertainty, pork provides balanced nutrition in a protein that offers authentic experiences and flavors.


Boot Camp Training to the Rescue

This article will explore strategies to utilize boot camp style programming to increase and sustain your business and your client base.

Natiya Guin and Desi Bartlett

A Pregnant Pause

Desi Bartlett, MS, CPT, E-RYT, met Natiya Guin at her yoga class and later guided her training through her second pregnancy.

Weight loss

Weight Loading and Weight Loss

Could the concept of homeostasis be applied to weight? Researchers wanted to learn whether carrying a weighted load throughout the day reduces body fat.

2020 IDEA Awards

IDEA World Fitness Awards

The IDEA World Fitness Award recipients and finalists each have a tale to tell. Here, all the honorees share their journeys, strategies and triumphs.

Foot health and exercise

Training Toward Fleet Feet

Fitness professionals understand how critical functional feet are for training. After all, the feet and ankles act as “shock absorbers” for the body.

Exercise for age related decline

Solutions for Age-Related Decline

Slowing typically begins after age 62 with a decrease in walking speed. The good news is that the right kind of exercise can help slow these declines.


Are Diets a One-Hit Wonder?

Research suggests it doesn’t much matter which diet a person clings to, as most plans yield similar short-term results without providing long-term success.

Kids and exercise

Encourage Kids to Choose Fun Physical Activities

The best way for parents to motivate kids to be active may be to emphasize a child’s feelings of choice, competence and social relatedness.

Online health coaching

How to Succeed at Online Health Coaching

A great opportunity exists for health and wellness coaches ready to embrace the online/virtual environment through telemedicine and online coaching.

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga Practice May Ease Delivery

Here’s more insight into how yoga helps pregnant exercise enthusiasts. Yoga may also play a role in shortening the first and second stages of labor.

Exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic

Survey: Many Exercising More During Pandemic

Results from a survey of 12,913 participants between March 24 and March 30 showed that people exercised at a greater frequency during the pandemic.

Children and eating

Adults Can Play a Leading Role in Children’s Eating Habits

The American Heart Association has released a statement outlining the role that adults can play in helping young children develop better eating habits.

Group exercise

Group Fitness and the Stages of Behavior Change

Learn how to notice the stages and inspire participants from where they are within the transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM).

Spinach and manganese

Manganese May Combat Diabetes

You know the importance of calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D, but manganese? It turns out that this essential nutrient may lower risk factors.