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Developing Active Listening Skills

by Julie Andersen, MA
In an age of advanced communication technology, we believe we are communicating more than ever before, but are we communicating effectively? You may be armed with your cellular network and all the latest technology, but that won’t help if you haven’t mastered the art of act...

The Secret to Client Retention

by Mary Bratcher, MA
Client retention is one of the greatest obstacles fitness professionals can face. However, since it is far more difficult to attract a new client than to keep a current one, it’s crucial to strengthen your retention know-how. Discover how to boost client adherence levels by incorporating fundamental coaching elements into your se...

Sexual Harassment in the Fitness Workplace

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Beverly and Barb are best friends in their 40s who’ve hired 22-year-old Trainer Tom for partner personal training. Dur­ing their first session, Tom demonstrates how to do a squat, offering cues to help the women understand proper technique. “You want to be feeling this in your butt muscles,” he says, in a matter-of-fact manner. “I want to be feeling your butt muscles,” blurts Beverly, gently pa...

The Uniform Question

by April Durrett
Both the IDEA Personal Trainer Code of Ethics and the IDEA Group Fitness Instructor Code of Ethics urge fitness professionals to “uphold a professional image through conduct and appearance.” However, what type of clothing helps fitness professionals project the right image? Some owners and managers believe that providing uniforms is key...

When Your Friend Becomes Your Supervisor

by Mary Bratcher, MA
The workplace is often where we end up meeting our greatest friends. In fact, some people spend more hours per day interacting with co-worker friends than with their own families. Tight bonds can form between peers, but what happens when the fitness friend you have been working with for years gets a promotion and is now, gulp, your supervisor! What if you also interviewed for tha...
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