I want to discuss a problem that my friend has encountered.I would be really thankful if someone could come up with a solution.

My friend-who is currently living in Iran-has taken part in two instructor training courses(Basic Steps 1 & Basic Steps 2) in Dubai.She has also been a ZIN member since then(up to a month ago)She was really excited about the whole thing.After taking part in the second course,she found out that according to Zumba Fitness,classes can not be held in Iran due to political circumstances.By that time she was only planning to have a class,which actually never took place,because even before the actual beginning of the class,she had to cancel it and remove it from the Zumba website,given the new information that she’d had.But after a couple of months,she received a notice of termination of her ZIN membership.The email said that they’ve found out that she has been actively teaching Zumba classes in Iran which is not permitted.That’s how they cancelled her membership without even a prior notice.After receiving the email,she emailed them three times(in one month)asking to be provided with the evidence based on which they claimed she had broken the rules.She hasn’t received any responses. It seems like they don’t even care to answer.

She is so sad & offended considering all the money & energy she has put into this.She is disappointed because they didn’t even mention anything about what will happen afterwards.Is it possible to rejoin?How?

The question is that is it right to treat people this way?Accusing them of something and then rejecting them?The people who are considered to be “ONE OF YOU”!

Is there an organization that she can turn to?