I don’t typically train clients for bulk, nor do I do Crossfit, so I would appreciate some recommendations in this area.

I have a growing group of weight lifters who are taking my gentle yoga class. They do Crossfit and heavy lifting, and they take class both for the restorative benefits as well as the mobility that they need in order to do some of the lifting. So far, so good. BUT, a couple of them are working on their physical aesthetic, no for competition but to “look good.” They want to ensure that yoga enhances their performance and contributes to their goals.

1) One asked if there is a relationship between the increased mobility in yoga and muscle production, whether positive or negative. Is anyone aware of scientific data that shows a relationship between yoga / stretch / mobility and increase gains in bulk? I have read about the timing of stretching, that a lot of stretching immediately before a heavy lifting workout can de-stabilize in the short term. …but what about on a rest day? Will it contribute to their ability to make strength gains?

2) Any other considerations I should be aware of? At this time, the four men who lift together are taking my gentle class in the evening after a morning heavy lift. I think they take one other instructors’ class on another day.

Thank you!