It is me again…with a different question this time.

My personal training business now that I’ve officially launched is taking off a bit quicker than I envisioned (this is a good thing i know!). However, I’m not versed nor thought about this one little issue – WHERE do I train my clients. For example, I have a potential client interested in training with me. She has no gym affiliation (and even if she did not sure I could come in as a guest to train her?). I have affiliations with two gyms, one that one even allow for outside guests (it is a private gym i use for myself solely) and I do have a membership to Planet Fitness. Am I allowed to bring a “guest” as my client if I have the black card membership? It looks like I will end up with a couple clients right off the bat (again didn’t see this coming this fast!) and now in a panic to figure out where the heck do I train them. I can do some bodyweight/basic training outside at my house (i have a large private yard) but I need a facility to be based out of. Recommendations would be hugely appreciated! THANK YOU!!! (again)

Nancy Answered question February 7, 2020

You are completely entitled and legally covered if you have insurance to train private clients at any gym they can’t cancel your membership.