It is me again…with a different question this time.

My personal training business now that I’ve officially launched is taking off a bit quicker than I envisioned (this is a good thing i know!). However, I’m not versed nor thought about this one little issue – WHERE do I train my clients. For example, I have a potential client interested in training with me. She has no gym affiliation (and even if she did not sure I could come in as a guest to train her?). I have affiliations with two gyms, one that one even allow for outside guests (it is a private gym i use for myself solely) and I do have a membership to Planet Fitness. Am I allowed to bring a “guest” as my client if I have the black card membership? It looks like I will end up with a couple clients right off the bat (again didn’t see this coming this fast!) and now in a panic to figure out where the heck do I train them. I can do some bodyweight/basic training outside at my house (i have a large private yard) but I need a facility to be based out of. Recommendations would be hugely appreciated! THANK YOU!!! (again)