Question asked by Sandi Hanscom 1695 days ago

where can I post job openings

As an employer I would like to post job openings for personal trainers. How can I do it on this website?


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Answered by Jason Davis 1695 days ago
Hi Sandi,

We have a job board coming to soon. Stay tuned!

All the Best,

Jason Davis
IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Answered by Jason Davis 1240 days ago
Hi Sandi!

Just a heads up that IDEA now has a job board! You can access it here:

All my Best,

Answered by Nancy Korf 1695 days ago
I've seen several posts here on this board titled, "Personal Trainers needed in City, State." That might be a good place to start.

Are you on facebook? Or is someone on your staff on facebook? In my city, there are facebook groups for fitness instructors and personal trainers in the city and surrounding areas. When we've had openings at our gym, we post in the local instructor / trainer groups and usually get several inquiries.

Another thing to try is the "find a trainer" part of the home page. Search your zip code and you will notice there are trainers who will pop up locally. Then you have people with whom you can inquire and if they're not available, they might have colleagues who are.
Answered by Martin Petrofes 1695 days ago
Posting here is fine, but most of the people in here are from so many different places.

In the areas that I have lived, I found that craigslist was the most frequently checked site for jobs of any type. And you will be marketing to the trainers in your area.

Answered by Harris Sophocleous 1694 days ago
I would also try the following sites because not everyone searches this site:

-Your local newspapers
-Bulleting boards around your community

I hope this helps.

Answered by Harris Sophocleous 1694 days ago
I forgot to add the you can contact the different certification organizations (NSCA, etc.) and ask them if you can post job openings at their site. I know NSCA does have a place where they advertise job openings.

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