When was it Advantageous for our Ancestors to have Stress Slow Down their Metabolism? Is it helpful or harmful in our era?

Recently, IDEA Fit’s Home Page had an article that discussed a study about how stress causes the metabolism to slow down and results in fat storage and weight gain. Surprisingly, this is not new news. In fact, through Darwinism, our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors needed this physical ability to help them survive some of the harshest conditions. Do you know why? Is this now a case where there is no application for this particle physical adaptation or perhaps it can still help some people in our world survive or even your every day joe, in the right circumstances. Maybe, instead of labeling stress as “bad”, we need to learn how to better manage our stress with all the pressure of society and utilize stress at the right time. What are your thought? How do you manage your stress in healthy coping ways?