As individuals we have our own personalities… the same holds true for our members/clients of the fitness industry. A guest post on my blog got me thinking, how do gym owners, operators, managers, and personal trainers deal daily with different gym personalities? Are there certain strategies or tactics you use to keep the peace at your fitness center?

For example, one personality detailed is the The Faux Trainer…with most of his exercising being done laying/standing on and a large inflatable exercise ball, this guy learned everything he knows from every fitness magazine on the shelf. No matter what exercise you are doing, he will loudly exclaim to you that you are doing it wrong. Then he will aggressively share with you why his results on his self-created exercise routine are better than your own results and why you need to start doing exactly what he is doing. When asked why he is not a trainer at the gym, the typical response is something to the extent of his methods putting the actual certified professional trainers out of a job and his staying out of the fitness industry is an act of kindness to everyone already involved. In reality, he is currently studying for his 20th attempt at a personal training exam.

How do you deal with your encounters of the Faux Trainer?
How do you limit your liability as a gym owner but also try and keep the Faux Trainer as a member?

Please comment on any of the personalities outlined. I just mentioned the Faux Trainer as a starting point.

Are there any gym personalities that the post is missing?

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