I am required to do a practical interview for a job position. I am a new trainer with very little experience. What exercises are the most appropriate to take a new client through for an initial assessment? What do your typical first session exercise routine entail? I am just trying to have this planned out before I go in. I know I will be very nervous when I am taking the simulator though a workout.

This is the scenario given to me:

37 year old male client works 45-55 hours a week. wife (nurse) 3 kids. Stayed fit until age 30 and now is sporadic with workouts. He bikes 1-2x/week for 30-90 minutes in the summer, takes cycling classes in the winter. He likes to jog 1-2x/week as well. He lifted in high school and college but has not done so regularly since. His goal is to do a handful of triathlons in the upcoming season and to add a strength routine into his workouts. He thinks he is abler to go to the club 3x/ week during the week and 1x on the weekend.

I am suppose to explain what i have planned for him for the day and for a weekly routine based on the case study. SMART goals, cardio modes, time, and intensity along with strength and flexibility exercises.???

I know this is a lot I have typed, but I really want to succeed at this.. I have the knowledge but not sure how to put it to use in this scenario as an interview. If anyone has a good routine for me to put “this guy” through. I would appreciate the help.

Thanks much!