A guest post on my blog touches upon the most basic terms gym owners, operators, and personal trainers should know and account for. Here is just a snippet from that post:

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) – This is the most hassle free way to collect membership dues at a gym. Simply by getting a members credit card number or bank/routing number, monies are collected each month via auto billing so that you and your staff don’t have to feel like bookies tracking down unpaid gambling debts.

Also, keeping track of the clubs Recurring Revenue (collection of gross sales of monthly payments) based on the Number of Existing Members is as easy as clicking on the “Reports” icon in your auto billing system. With this in mind, you can also easily keep track of average monthly and total New Member Sales to ensure the positive growth of your club…

For the full article, please visit http://blog.gyminsight.com/ and give me your feedback as to any essential business terms in the fitness industry that were not mentioned and that you think are important and why!

I am hoping that everyone involved in this discussion to take something away from it! Thank you for participating!