OK, I am a pastor of a church and I want to offer fitness classes at the church. So, I am writing a grant proposal. I want to request enough money to send two people for training/certification and to buy equiptment to hold a class for 10 people.

Figuring how much money traing will cost is easy. I realize that what sort of equiptment depends on what sort of classes are offered, but generally what would be a good start.

I am thinking 10 Yoga mats, some combination of resistance bands, and maybe something else.

What do folks here think? what combination of resistance bands would give me the right assortment to cover most folks? Aside from Yoga mats and bands what else might I consider?

Are there places that sell bundles or sets of equiptment for people starting new classes or facilities?

I suppose I should point out that I can only use stuff that doesn’t need dedicated space, it needs to be able to be put away or stored