From what ive seen, being able to think critically and open minded are some of the best traits to have in this industry and others as well.

Through my experiences in sports and learning from people in this industry, being open minded is usually a trait the most knowledgeable people have, whether they’re a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, or coach a sport. They were open minded or accepting/understanding of different ideas or view points, or at least considered them while weighing the facts, pros/cons, and uses of both sides. Even if they didn’t agree with its intended use and claims, if it would be useful or apply better in a different scenario, or if you adjusted it, or just had a completely different use for it, they would use it or consider it under those circumstances, assuming it wasn’t dead wrong no matter how you changed it or where you applied it. They didn’t immediately side against it because it was different then what they were taught or what they know, without looking at everything from both sides and different ways of applying it.

They typically knew that no one knows everything and they even thought they didn’t know everything even though they were world class coaches and/or former world champion athletes, that were well known for being the most if not one of the most knowledgeable people in their field or sport, they would collaberate with other coaches to get different opinions and ways of doing things, because they all had their own way of doing things. If you asked 8 different world champion boxing coaches or Jiu-Jitsu coaches the same thing about how to do something, they could easily give you 8 different opinions/techniques on how to do it, (whether how to throw a hook, how to get power in shots, little rules and concepts on how to hold a position, etc.) and they could all say “this is the best way to do it” even though 8 different knowledgable guys said that and each gave a different answer. Similar happened back when I didn’t know how to work certain muscles and didn’t have education on it, I’d ask 4 different personal trainers the same thing, and I’d get 4 different exercises or ways to do it, there where even times I would mention one trainer’s way to accomplish my goal to a different trainer and he/she would be confused, like “What!?, you do this to work that( and show whatever different way they had for it).”

Techniques and concepts one coach is against, another coach could encourage because one could have a greater understanding of how it works and knows how to apply/use it right, or one knows cons against it due to their greater understanding of it, or maybe they look at it from different viewpoints or were brought up think differently when they were taught it. Ive seen it apply sports and the fitness industry.

The coaches and fellow athletes ( when considering sport coaches and athletes, the ones in boxing & jiu-jitsu i think applies more here based on my experiences at least, im not sure if it applies to others as dramatically.) that I’ve met who kind of thought they knew everything or held bias for their original beliefs so they wouldnt take anything new even when it could revolutionize their game, abilities, and coaching skill, generally weren’t the most knowledgeable and could even appear to be held back compared to the progress they couldve been making. But not all the time.

I think open minded like the open minded coaches do that i mentioned above, but my psychology professor mentioned that the longer you believe a certain way, the harder its going to be to change your mind, regardless of whether or not you would’ve changed your mind if the info was presented to you in the very beginning. Ive seen evidence in this in my experiences when someone who was doing something the wrong way for a long time doesn’t accept the facts and info against it, while people who were blank slates on the topic easily accepted it and couldnt understand why so many people who were older and doing it their own way for a long time had problems accepting it. It would be even harder to change their mind if that person was educated in the topic and worked professionally doing it that way for years. I just dont want to end up hard headed and not accept if/when everything ive believed in before gets challenged enough to where it could/would be logical to switch beliefs.

I think I might be overthinking that part, but it could really happen. But the main reason i asked this question was to get different opinions and ways or strategies to think critically and open minded.

So what are ways or things you can do to train yourself to think critically and more open minded or prevent personal biases from clouding your judgement?

I talked about open mindedness a lot in this question but wanting to know about thinking critically is just as important.