On top of this, the manufacturer claims you’ll only need to take 1 capsule of VitaPulse per day, without any unwanted side effects. Despite the key role that antioxidants play in the human body, there remains mixed clinical evidence as to whether or notantioxidant supplementation can provide any real-world benefits, especially related to widespread conditions such as cancer, heart disease, cognitive decline, and more. What are Antioxidants? The company also doesn’t provide any clinical evidence to support its claims. PQQ may also reduce “the size of damaged areas in animal models of acute heart attack (myocardial infarction),” although it doesn’t appear to provide any preventative heart health benefits. Are They Beneficial? When you are seeking a pre-owned VitaPulse is that it details what you can do with VitaPulse. PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a chemical that, among other things, may provide some antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, although most research appears to have been conducted on mice, not humans.

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