I have two male clients over 60 years old. Client A had pneumonia for a couple months and also has cracked ribs. He weights approximatley 350 lbs. Client B is about the same age but has a cracked patella bone (knee cap). Not sure of his other vitals yet.

For Client A I plan on sticking to mainly cardio workouts to loose the weight and some light weight or band exercises. Main concern would be the cracked ribs. Not sure how to approach this besides figuring out the clients limitations in movement and pain.

For Client B I am unsure of how the cracked Patella bone would limit his ability to move or exercise. Again this might be something I have to assess when I meet with him and to figure out what he is looking for.

If anyone has worked with similar clients with the similiar issues or have worked with cleitns with same issues I’d more than appreciate the input.