Hi There,
I have been working behind the scenes getting my PT/bootcamp business ready. This is one of the last major hurdles before actually advertising my bootcamp and getting out there. I signed a NON-COMPETE a while back with my employer. I now am a part time trainer there, and I would like remain there as it will take pressure off of my own business.

After re-reading the contract I realize that I’ve been in denial of the details:
I can not provide personal training or any type of exercise program within 10 miles of the Fitness Together Studio! (during employment & 1 year from termination)
(I had it in my head that it was just personal training and that I could still do a bootcamp, and that as long as I wasn’t in that particular area of Seattle I’d be ok) Damn you selective memory!

I think my only option is to ask my boss for permission to run my bootcamp/pt business in my neighborhood as planned (5 miles away, across a bridge) with the promise that I will not advertise/solicit clients in the area nor take any FT clients away. There is a slim chance that she will be ok with it, as her main concern is her FT client base and us not taking them from her. My argument will be that no one would want to travel over to my area when there are plenty of options over there. There is also a big chance that she will not allow it and I will have to quit (as she is not always the most understanding and is afraid of change, and obviously understandable why one would say no)

Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of thing? anything I could add when asking permission?

thanks in advance for any thoughts on this fun matter,