Hello Idea Community!

There are just a few questions that I would like to ask. Based on your professional experiences. What is the most practical way you record, organize, store your clients program and session information. If you work for a corporate gym, there is usually policies in place for that issue, but how about a facility owner or mobile trainer? Do you keep records digitally and upload information on a password protected computer, use personal training software, or keep written records and keep them somewhere safe? If you use software, which ones do you prefer? I am looking for new, more thorough software.

Also, besides assessment data and workout plans, do you record any subjective observations during a session? If so, what observations do like to record? Do you ask specific questions about the clients physical or emotional state coming into the session? Personally, I like asking about sleep, stress, and what or if they have eaten anything. Have you found any favorite questions? Are these things you should, or shouldn’t do, is it necessary? Thank you for your time and opinions!