Many people have found themselves in a bind when a friend or a relative is having a baby and they just do not know what to gift the newborn. Parents who have been at the receiving end realize that the market is huge and offers a variety of gifts. However, some of these gifts are downright useless while others could be potential lifesavers. So, if you are wondering about what could be the best gift for a newborn, here are a few tips.
Baby clothes: While many people think of buying baby clothes, parents have mixed reactions about receiving clothes. “The fact is, cute clothes look great but may just not be practical or comfortable. So, these clothes never get worn,” says Alicia Pent, a mother of triplets. Tim Lew, the proud father of a new born baby, it is a good idea to find out more about personal preferences if you must venture down this road. “Often parents are partial to certain brands. Find out what they are and buy those. A better idea is to talk to the parent first and find out what the baby needs, straight from the horse’s mouth!”
Baby toys: If you are gifting toys to a newborn, you need to be pretty astute to find out their needs. A small infant cannot play with most toys because the child hasn’t yet developed balance, muscle coordination and identification capabilities. Besides, small babies are so busy sleeping that toys make little difference to them on a day to day basis. However, as babies grow older, thoughtful gifts are not only fun, they are also highly instructional. Toys play an important role in the developmental process. However, do not expect to stand out in the crowd with this gift because toys are one of the most popular gifts that people bring when visiting a newborn baby.
Baby items: Anita Keys, the mother of 60-day old Jonathan says that baby items could be useful if they are what the parents need for their baby. “With Jon, I don’t really need much furniture because my sister has lent me the crib, changing table, rocker and other stuff. So, if someone were to spend money and buy me a baby carrier, I’d feel really awful because I already have one with me”. As most people know, pieces of furniture are expensive. So, it is necessary to be absolutely sure that parents really need what you are buying.
When in doubt, one of the better things to do is to buy something for the parents instead. From money, books, food and diapers to personal care products, useful services or educational savings, you can think of a million ways to help out the new parents with newborn baby gifts.