The Peterson Group hopes to boost public awareness about counterfeit drugs through this article. Expect to see substantial information related to counterfeits and other essential tips to be a smart buyer to ensure that you won’t become a victim of this type of drug. The organization is known for being an information website and watchdog of counterfeit and illegal drugs.

Whatever status you have in life, it’s given that all of us need medicines when one of our family members needs medications. However, your expected results may become the total opposite where you or your family member was not treated properly. Counterfeit drugs are often considered as the main reason for this kind of incident. About 80% of counterfeit drugs came from the countries of India, Mexico, and China according to reports.

The Peterson Group recommends that you should be extra careful when you’re purchasing medicines because fake tablets are usually identical to the real ones. Counterfeits are usually mislabeled and illegally produced. They are also produced in substandard conditions and are incorrectly formulated to have the wrong amount of active ingredients. Furthermore, some counterfeits have dangerous and unapproved substance.

You may not be expecting it but counterfeit pharmaceuticals are regarded as a BIG business. It became a booming industry worth $75 billion a year worldwide. Just imagine that big amount of money made through illegal means.