Question asked by Miroslava Plaunova 2582 days ago

The best type of protein to use post workout?

What type of protein to use post workout as we want the aminoacids to enter our bloodstream and be delivered to muscle cells as quickly as possible so that repair and growth can start right away?


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Hello Miroslava,
Egg and Whey are the highest in BV, PER and NPU scale. Each type of protein serve a different purpose and digestibility for each individual. Personally, 100% Egg protein would be my first choice.

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Answered by LaRue Cook 2582 days ago
Hi Miroslava. I'm no nutritionist, but all of the current research that I keep reading speaks to the use of chocolate milk as one of the best post workout recovery fuels.

Answered by Bryant Seton 2582 days ago
/agree with above posts. Most people aim for the "best", but each protien would give differing results. You need to go into tests and see how your body responds to each and tweak your nutrition off that.
Answered by Jocelyn Martin 2581 days ago
I agree with the above. The "best" protein post workout is lean and one that you can tolerate best. It may be different for each person and take some trial and error to find the right mix of carb to protein ratio.

It may also be different depending on the type of workout they completed. On my hard cardio days, I crave more water dense fruits/veggies, dairy and carbs after a workout. On hard strength days, I want more lean proteins.
Answered by Julie Jones 2576 days ago
Hi Miroslava,

Once again Whey protein wins here! A whole-food, vegan free protein shake is a great post-workout formula. Whey protein speeds up muscle recovery time and increases muscle strength before the next workout :)

Answered by Cameron Burkholder 2575 days ago
I do hemp protein, putting some hemp protein powder (that you can buy at any health food store) in a protein shake. Hemp has lots of protein, digests faster than other protein powders, and also has those omega 3s and 6s that your body needs! Plus, I sprinkle hemp seeds on my veggies. Also, nuts including nut butter.
Answered by NatalieSmith NAPS 2 B Fit 2568 days ago
Hello Miroslava,

Mixing up your protein sources to get a varied and balanced diet is better than choosing one item. There is not a best choice, we need a variety of food for optimal health.

Therefore, pick a few and alternate your post workout protein sources.

Take care.
Answered by Harris Sophocleous 2434 days ago
I agree with Michael, whey is probably the best one. But if you are vegetarian soy protein would the job as well. A well balanced diet would be ideal.
Answered by Jeffrey Jones 2582 days ago
There is no BEST answer. You have a built in assumption that one needs post-workout nutrients. If an individual has an adequate pre-workout meal, this negates the need for a lightening fast carb/protein orgy post workout.

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