Hi everyone. I’m currently working on my Corrective Exercise cert from NASM, but I occasionally run into something in the book or online content that’s confusing. (And unfortunately, NASM doesn’t provide any way that I know of to post a question to them.) Right now I’m looking at a video explaining a standing static stretch for the TFL. NASM advises that the client take a staggered stance, raise the arm on the same side as the rear leg, and bend the upper body to the opposite side until a stretch is felt in the rear leg’s TFL. (I hope this makes sense. Sorry I can’t just link to the video.) But here’s what confuses me: The video says to bend until the stretch is felt, and then return to the starting position and hold for 30 seconds. I would think the client should hold the stretch, not the starting position, for 30 seconds. BTW, this is from a section on static stretching. Does this sound like an error in the instructions, or is there something about this stretch that I just don’t get? Thanks!