I’d like to hear ways you have made spinning/group cycling more appealing for seniors and out-of-shape and overweight folks who may find the bike seat painful. We all know a spin bike’s seat is not very comfortable (!) and for many older or larger folks, its a deal-breaker. I will acknowledge here that a thinner/harder seat has its athletic advantages, that most people do get used to the seats, and that there are certainly some seniors and plus-size clients out there who don’t have a problem with the bike seats at all. But for those that do…. Beyond bike shorts and gel seats, do you know of any equipment or modifications that have made the bike seat work for less-than-athletic folks? e.g. have you every hauled a “regular” recumbent bike from the cardio floor into the spin room for someone who just couldn’t get comfortable on the regular spin bike? every jerry-rigged a wider bike saddle from a touring bike onto a regular spin bike? Are there any bike manufacturers out there that make a spin bike that is recumbent or has a wider or more comfortable seat? Other ideas?