I am interested in finding fitness centers that offer rehab, to transitional, to complete aftercare fitness experiences, specifically tailored to the special population groups – especially those with complete aquatic therapy programs for low impact exercise (really important for those with arthritis etc…).

Just some preliminary research has revealed little in existing clubs offering “special population” programs or even senior programs in general. In fact, again with very little research that I conducted, I found 1 set of fitness centers that advertise classes geared specifically toward the special population group.

Now, I am intrigued why aren’t’ there more and why haven’t fitness centers been specifically built for the largest population group that needs them the most. The baby boomer group is financially stable, has the insurance, and the need.

So why is there is not a movement for these centers?

Do you know of any health clubs specifically dedicated to Special Population groups?

Does your fitness center or training facility have a specific program for the Special Populations’ group (chronically ill or in pain, elder clientle, those with cancer, kids, etc)?
Now I know the MELT Method and Silver Sneakers are a couple great programs – but are there more??

If you do not currently have a program or work for a health club that does, have you considered expanding to accommodate this group?

Any more Insight into this area would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance.