Sasa Bjork

My name is Sasa Bjork and I am a personal trainer and I have been a member with IDEA since 2001
I have a question about insurance coverage for clients
Our old apartment got sold and is being completely renovated
After renovation it will have a brand new gym and when we move back I like to be the onsite trainer (in some form)
I am trying to have all my duck in a row when I approach the new company with a business plan and client coverage is most likely on top of their list of requirements
Love to hear if there is such a coverage that would perhaps satisfy and calm the minds of a landowner?
The reason I don’t ask the leasing office directly first is that the onsite manager is not a very nice person
The old owners left her behind
May people have tried other ideas and she has shot them all down
Even free events
I like to be as prepared as possible before contacting
Thank you for your time
Sasa Bjork