Hi, I wanted to ask if there are others out there that have a Residential Fitness gig? I signed a contract with an amazing Luxury Apartment home that has an unbelieveable fitness center and yoga room with an opportunity to provide bar classes. My contract also allows me to bring folks that do not live in the building. People just started to move in the middle of May. The building is now 85% occupied. I put a survey out to see what they would like offered in terms of fitness classes or other wellness services but I only had 11 people fill it out. Many residents I talked to seem excited for the classes but when it comes down to it I only get 2 or people making the classes. Most of these people are at a higher position in thier job and work long hours. I really want people to get excited about classes, one on one training, nutrition coaching etc? I was thinking to do a fitness fair but that requires money. WIll it be worth it. At this time the building pays me to do 2 fitness classes and 1 yoga class a week. How do I get folks to come to those classes and pay for other fitness class packages. Again I can open it up to the community. I don’t even pay for rent.

Does anybody have experience with this or creative thoughts to get this moving?

We offered a free Barr Class to the community and residents. We had 8 RSVp and everyone canceled. How does that many people cancel. We never offered a Barr class before.