The earlier rumors of Kevin Durant getting over $300 million in his next shoe contract look to be a little over exaggerated http://www.nike-shoxoutlet.com, but not by much. Darren Rovell of ESPN.com is reporting Roc Nation Sports, the Oklahoma City Thunder star’s representation, has informed Nike that there is a deal on the table between Durant and Under Armour that is worth between $265 million and $285 million over the next 10 years. It also includes stock in the company and even a community center built in Durant’s mother’s name.

Rovell also reports Nike has a chance to match that deal, which is in his current deal with Nike. Previously, Nike is reported to have offered Durant a deal that would pay him at least $20 million per year.
Kevin Durant’s representation, Roc Nation Sports, informed Nike on Wednesday that he has a deal on the table with Under Armour worth between $265 million and $285 million over 10 years, sources told ESPN.com.

The deal includes Under Armour stock and other incentives such a community center built in his mother’s name whose exact worth will not be known for some time.

Nike http://www.nikeshox-outlet.com, which saw its signature business related to the Oklahoma City Thunder forward grow to roughly $175 million at retail this past season, will now have the right to match, which is a condition of Durant’s current contract with the brand. Durant can still choose Nike if they don’t match, but can’t legally choose Under Armour if they do.

Nike’s last offer nike shox, sources said, would have given Durant a base and a minimum royalty guarantee that would equal no less than $20 million a year.

This is unprecedented territory for Under Armour. They signed Stephen Curry back in 2013, but grabbing Durant for this kind of money would shove them into the forefront of the basketball shoe business. Durant has become one of the biggest sellers for shoes and clothing under his time with Nike and becoming one of the best players in the NBA. Their marketing around him has been perfect as well.

For Under Armour nike shox clearance, they’re relatively new to the basketball shoe business and gain most of their profits from other sports. Rovell says they’ll have to guarantee the money to Durant upfront nike shox clearance, but Nike still has the chance to match it all and retain one of their top clients.