Good afternoon everyone and I hope you are all having a great productive day! I have a question I have been wondering about a lot lately. Over the past few years of being a trainer I have noticed there are so many false and negative outlooks on personal training in general. I feel a lot of the general population has no idea what exactly a personal trainer entails nor really cares as long as they produce results. The biggest issue I have is the lack of respect the personal training industry receives from other professionals in the health and medical field. I personally think this is because pretty much anyone can be a trainer if they want, there are no regulations, and its upsetting to me having worked so hard for the past 2 years and actively trying to pursue my degree while working and gaining hands on experience. The point I am trying to get at which leads me to my question, what is everyones opinion on how to make the personal training industry more professional and more respected by other professionals? At the previous gym where I was working I worked with a girl who had her 4 year degree in exercise science but wasn’t certified and neither the gym where I was working or this other gym she applied at would hire her as a trainer because she wasn’t certified and had no hands on experience. I sometimes feel a lot of gyms care more about a certification than a degree, but obviously not every gym, so my friend was working the front desk while a kid who had a basic certification was training full time, so wrong in my opinion. I am not saying every trainer needs to go out and get a degree, there are lots of great trainers without a degree but I just feel like there should be some nation wide licensing exam that everyone should have to take regardless. Would like to get some peoples input on this if possible, what are your thoughts? Thanks a lot everyone!