Question asked by Dani Miro Quesada 1112 days ago

Post distal radial fracture surgery rehab exercises

I have a client who recently got post distal radial fracture repair surgery and I was wondering if anyone knew of any exercises that would be good rehab. I know that they need to work on ROM grip and forearm strength but I was wondering if there were exercises that focused mostly on the distal part of the forearm and if some exercises where better or worse than others for building their wrist back up.


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Answered by Michael Manderville 1111 days ago
I would find a physio in your area that you trust to be hands on (not automatically going to ultrasound or anything like that).

Build a rapport with this physio and then you'll have someone to refer to, someone that will refer to you, and maybe an opportunity to send quick emails with questions.

Rehab is a bit out of my scope of practice, I would refer out for this, or have the conversation with a good physio and keep rest of the body training in same way as before.

Answered by NatalieSmith NAPS 2 B Fit 1110 days ago
Hello Dani Miro Quesada,
I would not work with this person until they are finished with physical therapy. I would stay in contact to find out what they are doing to better help them when it is time to start training again. You will want to get permission from the client to stay in contact with the doctor and physical therapist for the best input and advice. Stay in the client's pain free range of motion if they are cleared to work with you. Take things slowly and listen to the body so it will heal properly. We usually do not go after the victim; we work around the injury.
Take care,
Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit.
Answered by Harris Sophocleous 1109 days ago
Have you contacted his physical therapist (assuming he had one)? He she would be your best source of information for creating strength exercises for his hand. Good luck!
Answered by Martin Petrofes 1101 days ago
I would need to have them cleared to work with me. If you have done that part, follow the recommendations of their healthcare team. If you have clearance, but no recommendations, verify limits, contra-indicated exercises, and prepare a program design to have approved by their physician/surgeon. I would want to speak with the surgeon and ask similar questions. That isn't always possible. But at a minimum get the clearance for them to exercise independently. From there I would assess ROM and client feedback as to discomfort, pain, weakness, imbalance, etc.

If you get clearance and still are unsure of how to proceed, get back to us and give us an updated question. Or you can contact me directly at or through my profile.

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