Question asked by Stephanie Allin 2532 days ago

Post carpal tunnel surgery post rehab exercise

I have a client who has had carpal tunnel surgery (twice now). Recovery first time went pretty smoothly. This time not so smoothly (has some pain). She's faithfully done all the rehab physio and exercises and is ready to get back to training. Any great ideas how to physically challenge her without hurting?


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Answered by NatalieSmith NAPS 2 B Fit 2531 days ago
Hello Stephanie,

I am sorry this time is not so smooth for your client. Do you know what exercises she has been doing, with or without resistance, and if she is officially finished with rehabilitation? Does she have the doctors' clearances for training?

How much pain and to what degree is she dealing with? It sounds like a sign for her to see the doctor, to make sure everything is healing properly.

You could have her do other exercises that do not use her wrists, in order to challenge her during the recovery.
I wish her luck.
Take care.
Answered by Sue D'Alonzo 2531 days ago
I would suggest working very closely with her PT and Physician

Think ahead when training her by having her do the exercise with her "good hand" or by you showing her in detail what the next exercise is and be able to make the necessary adjustments quickly for her.

If you could train her without requiring holding weights or doing any weight bearing load on her wrists that would be ideal for now.
Answered by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 2531 days ago
Many people with carpal tunnel syndrome experience pain and discomfort when they grasp things that have a small circumference.

I was given a suggestion by a physical therapist to increase the circumference of the grips/handles for the post-rehab carpal tunnel client.

One of the other things I would suggest is really familiarizing yourself with the pathology of carpal tunnel syndrome (if you have not as yet) so you can better understand what your client is experiencing.

Best to you!
Answered by Karin Singleton 2530 days ago
Hi Stephanie,

I suggest that you also look at the MELT Hand Treatment as an additional way to improve range of motion and mobility in her hands.

Karin Singleton
Which specific exercises can you do for carpel tunnel syndrome. And what are the contraindications?
Answered by Stephanie Allin 2484 days ago
Thanks, all. I have indeed done research - just as I do for all my clients. It's one of the reasons that I posted here.
Not sure about increasing the grip circumfrence, but will look into it. My client is quite petite (4'9") and has very small hands.
Her current workout utilizes machines for much upper body and some great lower body challenges, which she loves.
She is doing much better (wrist-wise). She is a strong woman! :)

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