6 days now in pain. Reminds me of when I broke some ribs years ago. I train in the gym 5-6 days week, cardio 4x/wk. I was warming up for a push day with lite dumbbells with front and side lateral and rotation movements, then on to push-up warmups. Push-up 5 a searing pain like someone jammed a hot poker in my mid-back between my left scapula and spine. Needless to say, I left the gym, home and laid on a couple bags of frozen corn for 20-30 min off and on for several hours. Then within 2 days of beginning to feel better and not lifting, I started using the tennis ball on the mattress technique to massage the area. It went back to being severe pain. It will not let up with short sharp spasms of intense pain. I can’t look down or either side without intense pain. I’m on the verge of going to UC to get heavy duty pain meds. The aleve, asprin, advil have done zero to alleviate the pain. Suggestion BEFORE I get to doctors for some muscle relaxers? Not a fan of either, to be honest.