Hello, I need some advices for choosing a certification to be personal trainer that offer international certifications. Gyms in my country aren’t too hard for certifications . So anything that offers a well rounded knowledge (I have good knowledge in training) with scientific approach(anatomy, biomechanics…) but a respected accreditation is good to go.

There is that membership from nesta that offers many certifications with a good price 99$/month for 12 months ,But I’m not sure if it’s worth it? I think not all certifications are accredited. I’m also interested to get certifications in other sports like the ones offered by that program(speed quickness, injury, kids eldery mma …)

ISSA offers some Associate degree in exercise science if it wasn’t expensive I would go for it. It got PT certification too.

What you can advice me guys ? something with a good price and prefably monthly payments. Also anything that offers more is welcome.