Muscle Forge X which I really like it doesn’t matter sup everything bursting here I know whatkinda hot I hate I don’t know I would say have high venous King hurt but Muscle Forge X these are all items I love all things that I won absolutely review for you guys I have normal to dry skin in an acne problem I don’t come home oily anything like that so not my you know I have to fight keeping my skin hydrated and making you know all those little happy pass go away now thank you so much for watching and not come along video lot the smaller but I’m I think it is really helpful especially now that winter is coming around I really have to think about getting on the hydration back into my skin is what doesn’t dry out if you have any questions regarding the comment down below I’d love to hear from you guys want to answer anything Osama yeah if you want to hear anything out Lamar mom and dad I could .