Hello! I am looking for some ideas for a mobile training business name. I have read a lot of people say to stick to your name, however, my last name is my married name and I am now divorced. Just in case my last name ever changes I don’t really want to keep the Reece in the business part.
I am starting to feel like naming a business is like naming a child…lol and I am super picky about naming my children.
Here are a few things. Even though I am open to training anyone I would prefer my niche to be women/mothers who are trying to regain confidence after having a baby or women want to lose weight. I want the name to mean something like strong or fierce or warrior, something badass.
The next thing is I would like to be mobile. So, I feel like that should be in the name. Stating what I do.
The only idea I had is FierceFlexibleFitness (please no one steal this!) LOL
What does everyone think? Do you have any suggestions? Ideas?
Thanks in advance!