I’m pretty sure I lost an old clients informed consent form. She trained with me for a day, bought $900 with of sessions. Used one, and then she fell off the map and I stopped hearing from her. I had her sign an informed consent, PAR-Q, etc.. She messages me about 10 months later asking for a refund. I have my refund policy on my website. I don’t offer refunds unless you’re unable to exercise and have a doctors note stating that. I told her that, and usually my sessions expire after 6 months if I don’t hear from you. I told her I would still let her use them or gift them just to be courteous. She got enraged and asked for my refund policy and the form she signed. I have EVERY client consent form I’ve ever trained except I can’t find hers.. should I just refund her? I don’t even have the money to refund her. I’m a home trainer going from job to job. Not sure how to react to this situation. I think I’m basically screwed. The informed consent form didn’t even have any refund information on it I state that verbally.