The fitness market is saturated with people who teach a workout using hoops. How does a student or trainer know what hoop is an effective exercise tool and which teachers really know the body in motion.
I get calls monthly from people who’ve taken classes where only tricks are taught, where teachers state the workout is for weight loss and core strength yet students feel more compression in the low back rather than strength in the core.

I use sports science as a base for all my HoopCore Workouts. My focus is to target and correct poor body mechanics and alignment using my collapsible hoop. It is
safely weighted and flexed. This hugs the body when it spins and provides feedback as to which muscle groups are firing first and how where tension is in the joints. I have a lot of information on my site and in my workshops about how to use my hoop to lose weight, heal chronic back pain, tone muscle and boost sports performance. I am always available for online and phone coaching as well.