I’m back with another slow struggle. Our gym runs classes that are 30 mins, 45 mins, or 60 mins long. However, I am encountering that hardly any of the instructors follow the posted schedule or the time outlines for their classes.
Without being too harsh, each instructor is in it for themselves but play this off as “well I can’t do a proper class within that time”.
I am frustrated as I have taken many classes and it seems these instructors just want to do what THEY want instead of following the guidelines of their jobs. Another reason this is frustrating as then instructors also complain they can’t start on time because a class ahead of them is still going. The last reason is because the classes are posted this way which I feel can be confusing to members.
I love the passion and commitment to offering high caliber classes. How do I communicate this to instructors who insist on continue to argue with me and still teach beyond their class time?
Thank you.