Hello All, My name is Sri Murthy, originally from India and moved to Canada to pursue a career in fitness/personal training.I graduated with a diploma related to fitness and got certified (CPT).

Over the last two years I have been facing a lot of challenges in trying to land a job as PT,even after graduating with a diploma and a up to date certificate.

I have been on constant lookout for opportunities, attended interviews that did not materialize. To be honest I haven’t applied to some of the local big box gyms that did not feel right for me. Another challenge has been that PT is purely on commission only structure and I am concerned with sustaining myself financially as it takes time to develop cliente. Is my understanding about this correct? Some questions I’d like to know that answers for are:

1) Will the gyms/fitness centres provide me with clients initially?
2) How do I create financial stability in the long run?
3) How profitable is this in the long run (Yes, I know, it depends on how much I put in to it, but
could I develop this into a big business?)
Any thoughts, suggestions and insights will be appreciated.

Thanks for the help..Sri