I’ve been working at this studio/gym as an independent contractor. Recently, I received an amendment that I am supposed to sign and return. However, there was one specific item that I did not feel very comfortable about and wanted to see what your inputs/opinions are on whether it is fair, valid, or something that’s used in practice?

The particular clause is:
“I would like to move forward with your weekly client schedules on the wall in the office ASAP. I have noticed there has not been many late cancelations. Clients have a 24 window to cancel, they can use 3 late cancels a year for sick days. The same rules apply to you if you’re sick. If you late cancel on a client you owe them a free lesson. When this happens, you owe [STUDIO] the money it should have made for those 2 lessons. I will be sending an email out to all current clients informing them of this. This is stated in the waiver they sign and posted above the binders. For your peace of mind verbally inform them upon sign up.”

Thanks. I’m interested to hear what other industry professionals, both studio owners and trainers, think about this.