I do in home personal training and a lot of my clients schedule changes (like mine every month to two months, for me because of school but thankfully my clients are okay with this)

My only problem is trying to get people to get their appointment times because i’ll e-mail all of them and i’ll get two people asking for the same spot or some situation like that.

I’m looking for an app or something I can use on my computer or phone/ipad that links with a calendar where it inputs all of my appointments (or something like my clients can choose their appointment times). Something similar to Mind-Body but not as expensive as I do not have a large clientele as i’m just barely starting out.

I was doing ipad calendar for awhile, but it just didn’t work out for the reasons i mentioned above.. clients would respond the same time, or not respond and ask for their old time back when another client responded with their time slot etc..