I’ve been engaged to do a few short (15-20) fitness and wellness talks to a corporate audience. They will be able to stand up with a little bit of room around them and to sit down in an office-type chair, so I’m limited on teaching a movement class other than gentle stretches. I’ve got my three topics planned, but I’m hoping that my first three will lead to more engagements. Can we work together here to come up with a list of topics that would spark ideas not just for me but for others? Thanks!

Here are some of the topics that I’m working on. I haven’t made the titles interesting yet, just fleshing out the concepts.

Seated stretches for neck, shoulders, torso
Mindful breathing and how to do it to relax and to revitalize
Simple standing stretches (people will be dressed up)
Mobilizing the foot and ankle
Mobilizing the hips (gentle, standing)
Mobilizing the upper spine and shoulders
Daytime energy ideas that don’t involve caffeine